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Worldnesia is a language institution that provides Indonesian language courses through a wide selection of realistic everyday life and business-related topics that are specially designed to satisfy language learner needs. Either you are a newbie or an avid language learner, they are ready to help you to Speak Like Locals.

We had the privilege to interview Monica Xie, the founder of Worldnesia, about her startup journey.

Monica Xie, the founder of Worldnesia

Why did you start this business?

I started Worldnesia because I want to provide relevant learning material to language learners, especially to foreigners who work and live in Indonesia. I saw lots of language school only teaches formal or standard Indonesian which are rarely being used by the local unless they are in the formal business situation. I often got informed by the foreigners that they have lots of troubles when it comes to communicating with Indonesian people, either for daily conversation or in the working environment because the language they learned weren’t spoken by the local. I hope through our curated and customized learning materials, we can fill in the gap that existed and able to empower people to have better two-way communication. I personally believe good communication is the first key towards better human relationships and it will empower mutual understanding in a larger context.

What is your main product/service?

Our main service is language course, especially Indonesian course for foreigners. We put a lot of effort to create and maintain our learning materials while at the same time, we keep improving our learning system so that our learners can maximize their study time and able to Speak Like Locals in a short time. Aside from our language courses, we also provide copywriting, translating, and interpreting services because these industries are still correlated to language.

Worldnesia online class

What keeps you going when things get tough?

My satisfied learners keep me going even though sometimes I do feel like want to give up. Seeing them able to speak fluently and being able to solve their communication problems are the main reasons why Worldnesia is still here until today. There is no greater satisfaction when you see a bright smile on your learner’s face because their pain is relieved.

What is your hope for the future, for your company, and for your business field in general?

I hope that the language course industry will evolve and offer something more relevant, attractive, and with proven results, so the market could see that learning new languages are essential for one’s life, especially for professional life. As for Worldnesia itself, I’m looking forward to strengthening our capabilities in delivering relevant learning materials and enhancing our learning experiences through technology to reach out to global learners.

What do you want to share with the world?

I want to share with the world that learning languages should not be boring and that every language learner could be able to speak a new language in a short time if we could find a good combination of our own learning habits, learning materials, and learning systems. Although there is no one size fits all when it comes to learning languages, I believe language learners should take the learning process as a journey and enjoy every step of it.
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