Some of Gengoya products

Gengoya is an interest based platform to memorize Japanese vocabulary the fun way with the help of illustrations and games. It started as an instagram account in 2016 and now, it has more than 30,000 followers and actively publishing new products, both offline and offline, to support not only serious learners, but also people who are just curious about Japan. Below is our interview with the founder, Ferdi Trihadi:

Why did you start this business?

I was working full-time for financial purposes and I was pretty stressed out. I needed a platform where I can prioritize creative output aligned with my passion, which is drawing and learning Japanese. Gengoya is that platform. It is where I can prioritize process, not sacrifice things for the sake of the end result. I can also grow while enjoying the process.

Ferdi Trihadi, the founder of Gengoya

What is your typical workday schedule?

I tackle several brands and in order to progress evenly for every brand, I arrange my work hours into several segments, assign each brand to each segments and set micro goals.

One of the ways to play Gengoya Cards

What is your hope for the future?

I hope Gengoya can be a learning platform that is enjoyable and effective for modern society. We plan to use scientific research methods to analyze and efficiently improve our service and products based on proper data so can create bigger and better projects. I would be happy if these projects can inspire fellow practitioners and raise the standard of Japanese language learning field.

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