Milieu – One of the projects designed and produced by KYUB

KYUB is a design studio and printing company based in Bandung, Indonesia. Being active in social media has helped the company to expand its client base. Now, its clients are not only from Indonesia but also from other countries such as Australia, Singapore, and Japan. We interviewed Andre Liongson, one of the co-founders below.

Why did you start this business?

I graduated from design school and highly passionate about art and design. When I worked in a design company, I learned that design and printing can not be separated. It is an enjoyable achievement when the design can be executed and translated into printed products. Therefore, my interest in printing started to grow. Unfortunately, many designers feel that the production process is a barrier to their creativity.

Once I met with Ferdi and Glenn, friends with a similar idea, to create a bridge between design and production, we decided to work together and grow KYUB to be a creative studio which can show out of the box ideas can be accepted and understood by a general audience.

Kyub founders (from left): Andre, Ferdi & Glenn

Tell us about one of the creative people that inspired you to start.

I am inspired by my previous managers. There were 3 founders in the company where I worked at. All of them are independent women who are very passionate in what they do. Each of them has distinct roles: design, color & illustration, and business. I learned from my time there that creative industry is very broad, not limited by age, and not like in the past, it is now considered a primary need.

What are your main product/service?

Idea, design and printing. Our slogan is “Idea, design & production under one roof”, which means that we give a holistic service to client, starting from the idea to start a project, visually develop before producing it and show a tangible result to general public. It is important that the idea becomes something that is not only well-designed, but also effective and usable.

What is your typical workday schedule?

I am a morning person. I usually wake up at 6am, get ready to start and work at the studio from 8 am. Between 6-8am, I make sure I get breakfast. It is my mood-boosting ritual that I never missed. I work until 6/7pm then hangout with my team until late.

What is your hope for the future?

I hope to appeal to a larger audience and go global, strengthen KYUB identity so it can be easily differentiated from other design studios. I want to share designs that we make in our small studio in Bandung can be impactful in the world.

Haru – One of the projects designed and produced by KYUB
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