Meet Taipei – Online Pitch

I had the chance to pitch Gengoya, one of our project, at 2020 Meet Taipei Online together with other fellow startups from Europe and Asia. Can’t wait until I can be there in person (it has been too long since my last visit in 2007). I recommend you to watch the whole event, but if you want to skip directly to Gengoya, fast forward to 2:16.

Since I moved to Japan in March 2020, I have done 3 online pitches within 8 months. FGN Online Meet Up in July, Founders Live Fukuoka in October, and this one just before dinner yesterday.

Look how COVID-19 has led the world’s digital transformation. I used to spent my days in front of computer since I was 13 and got scolded for that. Who would have thought that less than few decades later, people have to, and even get paid a lot to do that to get paid (See mom & dad, your daughter knows best!). Even medical practitioners are expected to be able to navigate online.

I think presenting offline still feels much better and impactful to built a solid network, but, on the surface, wide network, the internet can give also has its own merit. Even though most fades away, I am still in touch with some of my online friends I met at mIRC during my middle school days.

Isn’t it quite awesome to experience being connected to so many people, without border, just by sitting and talking to your computer? Afterwards, you can easily reach out to people you are interested in using words and images. Of course they might not reply, but some actually will, and it can be a start of a meaningful relationship. What about you? How do you feel about networking online?

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