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You Make It is an organization that supports foreigners who want to work in Japan, founded by Kenji Umeki. It is based in Fukuoka, with more than 120,000 Facebook Page likes from around the world. Here are further stories about You Make It.

Kenji Umeki – founder of You Make It

Why did you start this business?

When I was 35 years old and had not started my company, I met 16 foreign students from Vietnam. I trained them to prepare CVs and to practice for job interviews. When they passed the interview and became engineers in a big company in Japan, I was so glad to the point that I shed happy tears. It was something that I have not experienced before but I want to experience more, therefore I created this company to support foreigners who want to work in Japan wholeheartedly.

Some people who inspired you to be a founder?

Suyama-san, one of You Make It’s directors. Without him, I think You Make It would not have existed. Another one is not business related, dr. Tetsu Nakamura, a Japanese humanitarian doctor who was shot during his service in Afghanistan.

Please share your thoughts about being a founder.

I think it is important to have personality, be honest, and be yourself. I am happy that by running this company, I, being born and bred in Japan, who did not have any experience with foreigners, now can meet and work with people from around the world. However, there are also hurdles related to funding the company while making sure that the activities are aligned with the company’s ideals.

Seminar for students

What are the main services of your company?

You Make It provides free of charge support for foreigners who are looking for work in Japan but face difficulties to find one. We also organize online meetups regularly so they can communicate with native speakers and learn more about Japanese culture. We recently launched TSURU (, a platform to share information about working and living in Japan for foreigners. We also offer services for companies in Japan who want to employ foreigners.

Sometimes it is not easy, but we always keep going since we have the responsibility to earnestly help the people who are in trouble and rely on our support. 

What do you have in mind for the future?

I wish many people can be positive and have hope that the world is changing to be better. II want to create opportunities for people around the world to dream. Hopefully, I can meet companies that care about people and treat their employees well.

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