Dentayori Pilot Project

Five days quarantine in Indonesia, five PCR tests in total, one road trip from Jakarta to Surabaya, three weeks of WFH in Surabaya, and now, 14 days home-quarantine in Fukuoka awaits.

All of the above are compensated by the start of Dentayori pilot-project at cipta d.lab on April 8th, 2021!

The participants from cipta d.lab

Dentayori, a project we started together with You Make It and Tsunagaru Edutech at the end of last year, with the support of Hakata Medical School is a hybrid learning space for dental enthusiasts. We are so thankful that we could pitch this project at Fukuoka Business Digital Content Awards 2021 and also SF Pitch Night 2021. It is really a project full of amazing coincidences.

Together with the sensei-s from Hakata Medical School

The word “Dentayori” comes from デンタル(dental) and 頼り(tayori: which means “reliance” in Japanese). We hope our platform can be an inclusive place for the cross-disciplinary, modern dental community. Not only for the existing players but also for the future generation. 

Our goal is to support people to create a better working environment and teamwork in the dental industry since we believe their well-being is one of the keys to high-quality dental treatments and patients satisfaction.

We will continue to do our best for this project and embrace the uncertainties that might come with curiosity and open minds. Please wish us the best and feel free to contact us if you want to know further about this project.

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