The first dopang talk event

We will celebrate our first anniversary this month. We rewarded ourselves by arranging the first dopang talk event: How to Connect your Career to Japan last week on Saturday, June 5th, 2021 at You Are Here, Fukuoka, with limited participants and online via zoom. By having this event, we want to share useful information that can help people interested in working or setting up a business in Japan to communicate better with their current or future Japanese colleagues.

To warm-up for the main session, we played Gengoya Card together. Glad to see that everyone was enjoying the game as much as we did.

The main session speaker was Teruki Sekiguchi who has vast working experience as an HR expert in several multinational Japanese companies. We especially relate with the “culture fit” and “culture add” parts. Foreigners integrating into the local community must be aware that they should try to blend in but at the same time keep their identity so they can add a fresh perspective and add what is lacking in the society where they are currently in.

After the talk, we continued with a small networking event, where Sekiguchi-san himself brewed Indonesian coffee from Kopi Toko Djawa and Kopi Kohlie (we hand-carried the beans all the way from Indonesia!).

COVID-19 has changed our life tremendously and affects international relationships significantly. Even without the travels, we hope the spirit of the global community and diversity do not fade away because of the pandemic.

Last but not least, we would like to give our thanks to our partners: You Make It that continuously supports foreign workers in Fukuoka, Senka Studio with its design insights, and also PPI Fukuoka, a group of bright Indonesian students who we believe can represent Indonesian young generation in Japan, especially in Kyushu.

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