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Let’s read their stories

Why did you start this business?

We wanted to provide a better design experience for more people in general in Indonesia. When we first started the business, most of the good designs were exclusively aimed at certain criteria of business/people. However, during our trip to Japan, we could find a lot of good designs anywhere making it look like it is a part of their culture – that is where the inspiration came from.

What is the most important lesson you get from being an entrepreneur?

If we have to pinpoint that one important lesson throughout the years of growing our business, that would be realizing life is more than just work. It is very easy to get so engaged in it that we neglect other parts of our lives. Mental health, maintaining relationships, and our personal life is just as important. For the last few years and perhaps because of the pandemic, we have managed to improve these areas of our lives while still hustling.

Senka Studio x Djojo

What keeps you going when things get tough?

The smile on our clients’ and their customer’s faces when they experienced the design.

Senka Studio x Yoisho

What do you want to improve next?

We are thinking to expand our business to the international market and moving our base office from Indonesia to Japan. We hope to sell interesting, おしゃれ (Oshare), and fun products to collaborate with other designers and manufacturers. Not forgetting to focus on more sustainable and eco-friendly design solutions for our planet.

Senka Studio x Ban Ban

What do you want to share with the world?

That our company delivers happiness to people through good designs. Seeing our clients’ and their customers’ reactions keeps us going. It has been our way to give back to our community, society, and our planet.

Senka Studio x TeaxTapioca

Hi! We are Senka Studio / センカ・スタジオ, a design studio based in Jakarta. Founded by two visual workers, Sebastianus Seno (Sen) and Fransiska Eka Valentina (Ka) have been working with both local and international clients since 2013. We are very passionate about delivering a personalized and exciting design for our clients, focusing more on branding and identity.


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