Tsunagaru Edutech

Mr. Pablo Riveros at Q Co-working Space Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan

Why did you start this business?

Share with us about your main service. 

We are a DX (digital learning) consulting business with the focus to provide micro-training for those who would like to improve their digital skills. We are helping people to understand the concept of technology in DX such as digital tool operations, creating online courses, and how to collect learning analytics. As a startup business, we are working in different verticals, covering not only e-learning, but also e-health, and e-commerce. 

What keeps you going when things get tough? 

The visualization of how impactful we can be and how many people we can reach if the company grows. Japan is the base of our company, but it does not stop us plan on reaching other parts of the world. As a part of the UNESCO Global Task Force in 2019, we are here to support countries to improve their online education. For me, it is not always about the money, but about what we can give back to society through our business.

What is your hope for the future of your business?

I would like to create an ever-connected society. Nowadays, it is not only about smart society nor smart cities, smart learning is also as important. I realize that there is a gap between industries and education because what students are currently learning now will most probably be gone by the time they graduate. As we are living in a very advanced society, we hope to fill in the gap with our solutions by building a better digital education.

Left: Tsunagaru Edutech at Community Radio Tenjin COMIXTEN.
Right: Mr. Pablo Riveros and Tsunagaru Edutech hybrid intern team 2021.


Tsunagaru Edutech is our digital DX consulting company with a strong international industry-academic expertise, international projects, and a solid evidence-based research approach. Our main solutions include: 1) Digital Transformation (DX) Smart E-Commerce Business Smart Engineering & Industry Smart Training & Development Smart Education Smart e-Health & m-Health Smart Work Style Smart City, Campus and Mobility 2) Micro-Credentials, Digital Badges (Using Blockchain Technology) 3) EdTech or EduTech (educational technologies) and build advanced digital learning content 4) Virtual Training Platform (Tsunagaru Academy) is our learning management system to develop micro workshops, training, and certified skill.

Instagram @tsunaagaruedutech

Website www.tsunagaru-edutech.com

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