Strolling around Tenjin


Kyo, watashi tachi wa Tenjin ni bura bura to arukimashita.

ぶらぶら (read: bura bura) is an adverb to describe an event where you do not know exactly what to do at that particular time. In this case, we did not know where exactly to go around Tenjin, so we walk aimlessly around the city. However, this aimless activity has turned into a meaningful stroll because we found five places that you shouldn’t miss out.

1. Nooice Cafe (ノイス)

An Australian-inspired brunch café located in Imaizumi with stylish interiors and of course, huge variations of sweet and savory meals along with interesting choices of beverages. With so many options that they have, we tried Egg Benedict, Blueberry Cream Cheese Pancake, Goma Smores Latte, Pistachio Latte (November-December limited), and Café Latte (we opt for the light roasted coffee).

While we were waiting for our orders, people were slowly coming in. To our best assumption, this spot is famous among the ladies.

Food and drinks are served with great presentation. The Egg Benedict portion is perfect if you’re looking for something not too heavy, Café Latte and Pistachio Latte were delicious. The Blueberry Cream Cheese might be too much for one person if you’re not a fan of cream and the crème Brûlée was unfortunately bitter. We had to clean our palate with the drinks and water before having our next bite. If you’re a black-sesame lover, I recommend you to give the Goma Smores Latte a try!

Overall, we enjoyed the meal from this brunch spot and would love to visit again to try the other menus!

2. Imaizumi Alley (今泉)

We are not sure if this particular alley is called Imaizumi Alley, but along this alley, there are many shops, restaurants, and cafes that you can visit!

3. Le Breton (ル・ブルトン)

Heard a lot of good reviews about this place from our friends who live in Fukuoka. We think this is everyone’s favorite Café and dessert shop as it is always busy every time we pass by.

The first thing that you’ll see when you enter the store is the pretty and colorful cakes displayed on the countertop refrigerator. There are also French pastries displayed near the entrance. This café is famous for it’s savory Breton Galette (French crepe) ー our French friends told us it’s very delicious.

We were racing with the time when we saw the line outside the café, so we only bought canelés back home for our afternoon snacks.

4. Gouache Fukuoka (ガッシュ福岡)

A cozy and aesthetic store located in the alley of Imaizumi, selling various lifestyle products and clothing. Most of the products sold here are Made in Japan. Also, if you’re looking for pretty tableware, you can visit this store.

We also came across this Indonesian skin-care brand in this store! It gives you a certain feeling of joy to see Indonesian products have made it to Japan.

5. Pecora (ペコラ)

We came across this humble coffee shop just right beside Imaizumi Park. The size of the shop is considerably small but it is very comfortable. It can fit 6-10 people at the same time and we can choose to sit at the counter or at the seating space across where the walls are nicely decorated.

The menu is written on the counter and I do think they have interesting choices of drinks. We ordered Café Latte and Hazelnut Latte and it didn’t take long until we got our orders. The Cafe Latte is decent and Hazelnut Latte was up to our preferences; it was not too sweet.

6. L’antica Pizzeria da Michele (アンティーカ ピッツェリア ダ ミケーレ 福岡 )

A very authentic pizzeria that was originally built in Naples, Italy back in 1870. This pizzeria is featured on Michelin Guide. There are only three branches in Japan at the moment; Yokohama, Ebisu, and Fukuoka. We were brought here by our Italian friend, who said the pizza in here tastes just like the one in Naples.

As we entered the store, we could see the huge woodfire across the room and in that moment we knew that we were getting a really good pizza.

We ordered Margherita – you can never go wrong with the original. However, we did not expect that the portion would be this HUGE. A whole round of pizza can probably feed two to three person, but this time we were asked to eat pizza Italian way – one whole portion for one. Though it might be a little bit expensive (1 portion of pizza is starting from ¥2000~) but we can assure you this pizza is worth the price. You should check this place out!

Feel free to wander alone but best is to tag your friends along to stroll around Tenjin!

If you like what you read or if you have your own recommendations, leave your comments below!

See you on our next guide!

Keep in mind that some things might change and everyone might have different experiences when they visit these places we suggested.

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