Kira-Kira 交流会

On Thursday, 31st March 2022, dopang and the member of team A from BIJTe event co-hosted an event at BNI Tokyo to provide a space and opportunity for Japanese companies to know a bit more about Indonesia and build connections so they can expand their business to Indonesia with sparkling confidence!

Participants watching the introduction video of BNI Tokyo

Before the event, we prepared the venue and some Indonesian local meals from their Tokyo branch restaurant. Moreover, there are some featured products from Bank Indonesia Partners that we did a small showcase in the venue.

Meals from Kopi Kalyan and Cinta Jawa Tokyo, also BI Partners products

After a few sessions of introductions from the Bank Indonesia (BI), BNI Tokyo, and other organizers, it was time for the participants’ quick introduction one-by-one about their business and their interest to the Indonesian market, followed by lunch and coffee break with the prepared meals. Before the event ends, everyone pro-actively talk and share their insights with others, such a great moment for networking!

Introduction sessions from the organizers and participants

It was a great opportunity for us and many people who attended the event to expand their market to Indonesia with great confidence and useful insights. dopang will always support and create this strong bridge between Indonesia and Japan business network and to connect creative small business in Japan and Indonesia for a better world.

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