What is NFT?

All of you now must be familiar with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) by now. After hours of reading and researching about NFT, most people would find it hard to understand the use of this blockchain and how does it impact the market now.

Therefore, dopang, BWOPLE, and HARTi at Q Co-Working Space on Friday, April 8th 2022 held an event titled [What is NFT?] with over 24+ participants came to listen and discuss about NFT!

[What is NFT?] venue apparition @Q Co-Working Space Hakata

Yoshida-san from 株式会社HARTi first explained how does the blockchain works and what are the benefits of NFT for creators/artists and for the buyers. He also mentioned about how this trend of NFT has climbed up its way to be recognized in the market covering over 3 trillion yen in just one year.

Ferdi Trihadi, the creator of bwoples , continued to showcase his NFT projects and also a 3D art museum simulation of various artists projects. Moreover, he also explained how to join the NFT marketplace from how to buy the currencies, exploring the good market, and how does the flow of the profit works in this blockchain market.

The speakers of the event; (from left) Yoshida-san, Tania Mirella, Ferdi Trihadi

We also did a livestream on Facebook and allowed questions to be asked in our Q&A session, there were some interesting questions and discussions from the on-site and online audience.

An introduction from Q Co Working Space
Networking after the event ended

It was a great opportunity to discuss about NFT basics and marketplace with such compact and practical explanations from our speakers at the event. Thank you everyone for making their time to come to our event in that beautiful evening!

Let’s join more of our educational and fun events whether it is online or offline! dopang will always promote and connect small creative businesses in Japan and Indonesia!

See you another time!

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