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Tsunagaru Edutech

Tsunagaru Edutech is a Fukuoka-based digital DX Consulting company founded by Pablo Riveros, a Chilean with strong international industry-academic background. His company has managed a lot of international projects with a solid evidence-based approach. Their solutions revolve around digital transformation (DX), educational technologies, and learning management systems. Why did you start this business? The story goes all the way back […]


We had the chance to talk to Danis Sie, founder of Sciencewerk about one of his side businesses: Specimenwerk, a pot and planter specialist brand. Based in Surabaya, Indonesia, it has produced not only its own ceramic planters but also collaborated with artists all around the world. It has loyal fans from many countries, including […]


KYUB is a design studio and printing company based in Bandung, Indonesia. Being active in social media has helped the company to expand its client base. Now, its clients are not only from Indonesia but also from other countries such as Australia, Singapore, and Japan. We interviewed Andre Liongson, one of the co-founders below. Why […]


Gengoya is an interest based platform to memorize Japanese vocabulary the fun way with the help of illustrations and games. It started as an instagram account in 2016 and now, it has more than 30,000 followers and actively publishing new products, both offline and offline, to support not only serious learners, but also people who […]


Worldnesia is a language institution that provides Indonesian language courses through a wide selection of realistic everyday life and business-related topics that are specially designed to satisfy language learner needs. Either you are a newbie or an avid language learner, they are ready to help you to Speak Like Locals. We had the privilege to […]