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Keita Ando, the Artist-in-residence in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Keita Ando, an artist born in 1992 from Kanagawa. His artwork focuses on the ‘life and death/circulation’ theme, and he has been in many art exhibitions from 2013 up until now. He also won numerous awards from many competitions in Tokyo and Fukuoka. Since the artist in residence in Yogyakarta, Indonesia back in 2019 he […]

Strolling around Tenjin

今日私たちは天神にぶらぶらと歩きました。 Kyo, watashi tachi wa Tenjin ni bura bura to arukimashita. ぶらぶら (read: bura bura) is an adverb to describe an event where you do not know exactly what to do at that particular time. In this case, we did not know where exactly to go around Tenjin, so we walk aimlessly around the city. […]

Our Visit to Jakarta Biennale 2021: ESOK

In early January, the Dopang Indonesia team had a chance to visit Jakarta Biennale 2021: ESOK. Jakarta Biennale is a bi-annual event that has been at the forefront of art events in Jakarta. Showcasing various works created by talented local artists and beyond for the citizens of Jakarta to see. This year’s theme is “ESOK”, […]

Tsunagaru Edutech

Tsunagaru Edutech is a Fukuoka-based digital DX Consulting company founded by Pablo Riveros, a Chilean with strong international industry-academic background. His company has managed a lot of international projects with a solid evidence-based approach. Their solutions revolve around digital transformation (DX), educational technologies, and learning management systems. Why did you start this business? The story goes all the way back […]


We had the chance to talk to Danis Sie, founder of Sciencewerk about one of his side businesses: Specimenwerk, a pot and planter specialist brand. Based in Surabaya, Indonesia, it has produced not only its own ceramic planters but also collaborated with artists all around the world. It has loyal fans from many countries, including […]