Translation ; 翻訳 ; Terjemahkan

We usually start with a contextual translation project so you can communicate seamlessly with your target market. Our network ensures your company’s spirit does not get lost in translation, your project gets enough attention, and your management team gets valuable information, such as market insights and consulting.

Translation Rate


¥3500/500words for >2000words

Previous projects
一般社団法人YOU MAKE IT // website translation
株式会社ワイビーエム // video subtitling & dubbing

Experience ; Rasakan ; 体験

If you wish to get a closer feel of your target market, you can participate in our events to get the first impression and exchange information with a global audience.

Previous events


Job Hunting & Japanese Language Support Event with YOU MAKE IT

GENGOYA booth at FGN 文化祭


dopang talk with Teruki Sekiguchi at You Are Here Nakasu Kawabata

GENGOYA Checkpoint Exhibition & Popup Store at Bunshodo Hotel Hakata
YouToube & IG Live: “Diskusi Vaksin di Jepang” with dr. Alvin S. Kalim & PPI Fukuoka

FB & IG Live: “Removing the gap between students in urban and rural area” with Manoka Furui (LINDEAL) & Yacincha Liem

Obrolan Sekolah Seru – Scholarship talk with PPI Fukuoka – TEMPURA x dopang

GENGOYA Product Display at Tsutaya Ropponmatsu


Dopang Tokyo Office warming Event with Whisuki & Nata de Kukki at SOHO30 Nihonbashi

GENGOYA Booth at SICF23 Market Spiral Aoyama

Talk & Demo: What is NFT with HARTi & BWOPLE at Q Hakata
Popupkalyan with Kopikalyan

Growth ; Kembangkan ; 成長

Once you are sure that you want to enter the foreign market, we will introduce you to potential vendors and support you during the establishment period.